Jipe Employer Proof of Value

Agreement to list open positions on Jipe

Jipe is changing the way people apply for entry-level positions. Our modern mobile interface (match-and-swipe) is gaining interest and traction from Gen Z job seekers. Jipe makes looking for a job simple and interactive, providing the perfect solution to attract new candidates.

As a participating business in Jipe’s Employer Proof of Value program (launching March 1, 2022), you agree to allow Jipe to post up to two listings on your behalf, FREE of charge, on the Jipe platform for 3 months. Jipe will post high-volume and high-turnover positions your business consistently sources candidates for.

In the 3-month Proof of Value period, Jipe agrees to:

  • Manage 1-2 job listings on your behalf
  • Share with you how your listings are viewed on the Jipe mobile app, providing you the opportunity to request edits
  • Funnel all applicants to you, via email or your ATS
  • Provide a bi-monthly report of your applicant funnel, including: number of impressions, number of users who favorited your position, and number of ‘apply now’ clicks / submitted applications. Monthly reports can be available upon request.

No obligation required. At the end of 3 months you will have the opportunity to keep your listings active on the platform and be charged Jipe’s rates of $49/month per listing. (Custom bulk pricing available upon request.) If you choose not to continue, at the end of the 3 months, your listings will be removed from the Jipe platform with no penalty.

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