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Mobile, easy, fast, and fun!

We know open positions is revenue lost. We designed Jipe to be the best solution for posting entry-level positions and sourcing the right applicants to fill your jobs faster. We accomplish this by keeping it simple, eliminating unnecessary steps, and ultimately streamlining the sourcing process.

When you post a job, we will match you with job seekers who fit the basic criteria for your position. We will notify you with every submitted application! Passive recruit by letting applications come to you, or active recruit by swiping through pre-filtered candidates on the Jipe app. Swipe right to match and swipe left to pass! Decide which ones you want to reach out to for an interview by using our in-app messaging feature. Plus, there are no long-term contracts required or hidden fees for job postings.

Jipe is mobile, easy, and fast, making it a platform your hires actually want to use.

Jipe is the new, best way to find your next hire!

Get started and post a job in minutes

It’s simple to sign your business up on Jipe and post a job. It only takes a few minutes, and we will walk you through it every step of the way. Watch this video to see how it’s done!

Why Jipe is for your business

We built Jipe with loads of features to help you find the right entry-level candidates.

Hello, mobile!

Find candidates where they are … on their phones.

On-demand sourcing.

Activate and deactivate a job listing with a few clicks.

Match availability.

Align only with candidates who match basic job criteria.

Tap into a new candidate pool.

Swipe through profiles only found on Jipe to quickly assess job fit.

Improved experience.

Streamline your sourcing process for you and the candidate.

Everyone wants to swipe!

Swiping Jiping is fun!

Pricing with no contracts and no hidden fees!

When your business joins the Jipe community, you will enjoy easy and predictable payment plans with no contracts and no hidden fees. Below are two pricing options. When you create your business account, you will be prompted to choose which plan will work best for your business.



per active listing / month

  • Buy 1 listing – $49 (after FREE trial)
  • 1 listing available for up to 30 days
  • Listing auto-renews monthly
  • Easy deactivate



per active listing / month

  • Buy 25 listing credits – $975
  • Pay ahead and save 20%
  • Each listing available for up to 30 days
  • Listings auto-renew monthly
  • Easy deactivate
  • Use as needed – credits never expire


Do you post regularly and need another option? Whether it’s 5 listings a month or 500 … we want to work with you! We will build a plan that is right for your business and budget. Ask about a subscription pricing plan using our contact us page.

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Access Jipe on mobile & online

Where Jipe is mobile-only for the job seeker, businesses can access Jipe on both our mobile app and on our convenient Jipe for Business web portal. Check out how you can use each to maximize Jipe for your business.

Download the app

After you create your business account using our Jipe for Business portal, download the mobile app to start active recruiting, creating favorites lists, and message your candidates.

Easy, no hassle payments

We use simple per listing pricing plans, so you’ll always know what to expect. You can set up your account to purchase per listing, as needed, or if you’re hiring demands cover multiple locations and several roles, our discounted bulk pricing options may be just the right fit.

For more information about Jipe pricing, please fill out our form on the Contact Us page, and we’ll reach out to answer your questions.

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