Your next hire is just a swipe away

Get notified when your job posting gets a match, filter candidates by swiping, and hire top talent.

Finding the right talent shouldn’t be this hard

Every day a position remains open, companies lose revenue and increase stress on hiring managers. We designed Jipe to be the best solution for posting entry-level positions and sourcing the right applicants to fill your jobs faster. We accomplish this by keeping it simple, eliminating unnecessary steps, and ultimately streamlining the sourcing process.

Why Jipe is for your business

Hello, mobile!

Find candidates where they are … on their phones.

Match availability

Align only with candidates who match basic job criteria.

On-demand sourcing

Activate and deactivate a job listing with a few clicks.

Improved experience

Streamline the sourcing process for both you and your candidates.

Tap into a new candidate pool

Swipe through profiles only found on Jipe to quickly assess job fit.

Everyone wants to swipe!

Jiping is fun!

Pricing with no contracts and no hidden fees!

When your business joins the Jipe community, you will enjoy easy and predictable payment plans with no contracts and no hidden fees. We offer four pricing options to meet your needs. Get started by creating your business account today, and we’ll ask which works best for you! If your business needs more than 25 credits per month, request enterprise pricing.

Ready to hire?

We know that the hiring process can be a time-consuming and complex task, but with Jipe, we’re changing that. If you’re ready to simplify your hiring process and find top talent, we invite you to request a demo today. Our team will be happy to show you the features and capabilities of our platform, and answer any questions you may have.

Brenda Anderson, founder of Jipe, smiles with a cell phone in hand.

Access Jipe on mobile & online

While mobile is the exclusive platform for job seekers, businesses can access Jipe on both our mobile app and our convenient Jipe for Business web portal. Check out how each one can be used to improve your hiring process.



Swipe (active sourcing)

Create favorite lists

Message applicants

Review applicants

Create new job listings

Manage job listings

Add new locations

Add new business users

Create & manage account

Explore candidates in the app

After you create your business account using our Jipe for Business portal, download the mobile app to start active recruiting, creating favorites lists, and messaging candidates.