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Frequently Asked Questions

You’ve got questions. We have answers. If you still need help after reviewing them, please contact us.

Job Seekers

What does it cost?

Jipe is FREE for job seekers! Yasssss!

Do I need a resume to use Jipe?

No! Your profile contains all information needed to find an entry-level job. Please note that some businesses may require you to go through their application process outside our app. In that case, you may need a resume. But Jipe doesn’t require it. 🙂 YAY!

How do I remove my profile once I have found a job?

You can easily deactivate your profile, which hides it from businesses until you reactivate it. Deactivating your profile is recommended, because we will securely store your account information until you’re ready to Jipe again. It’s convenient and easy!

If deactivating your profile isn’t right for you, you can also delete your profile. Just remember if you delete your profile, you will have to start from scratch if you want to Jipe again.

Do businesses know if I favorite their job?

Businesses will be sent a notification (based on their notification settings) that someone favorited their job. They can then swipe through job seekers’ profiles, swiping on their favorites, with the goal of creating the best job matches possible!

Does a business have to favorite me back in order to apply?

No. You can apply for a job even if the business does not favorite you back. Awesome!

Can I contact a business I want to work for?

If you favorite a job, AND they favorite you back, you will be able to in-app message them with any questions. They will also be able to send you in-app messages. No way!

Can businesses swipe on me too?

Yes! Businesses can actively look for their ideal job seekers by swiping. Jipe is helping to find the best job matches for you and for businesses saving precious time and energy for all. So dope!


Do candidates know if I favorite their profile?

Yes! Job seekers will be sent a notification (based on their notification settings) that a job favorited their profile. They can then swipe through jobs, swiping on their favorites, with the goal of creating the best job matches possible.

What information will I see about a candidate on their profile?

A candidates profile should contain all the information you need to quickly evaluate if you want to favorite them for a job listing. Businesses have access to a candidate’s name, short bio, work history, tagged skills, availability, photo (optional to the user), and pitch video (also optional to the user). Perfect!

Does a business have to favorite a candidate back in order for them to submit an application?

No. They can apply for a job even if you do not favorite them back. The more applications the better!

How can I contact someone I want to interview or hire?

You can use our in-app messaging feature to contact a candidate for more information, ask them to apply, or to invite them to an interview. Please note, our in-app messaging feature is only activated when you like a candidate, and they also like you back.

We take the security of our users seriously. We will not share email addresses or phone numbers of our users with businesses. This information is only shared when an application is submitted, requiring a candidate’s approval.

How do I know if an applicant is old enough to fill the role?

We will not share birthdays or ages of our users with businesses. However, Jipe ensures you will not see candidates who do not meet the age requirement of a job listing.

Does is cost anything to keep our account even if we’re not actively trying to fill a role?

No. Jipe only charges for active job listings in any given month. You can deactivate a job listing at any time, and we will not charge you for months it is not active. Deactivated listings are securely stored in your account, so you don’t have to recreate it again later. That’s awesome!