Get a Job Now Using Job Search Apps

Entering the job market for the first time is intimidating and can be the beginning of a long job search journey. From creating the picture-perfect resume to nailing an interview, there are a lot of steps and details you don’t want to miss when applying for jobs!

Technology along with job-seeking apps and websites haveJob Search app changed the job hunt game and added tons of features that can make finding a job much easier! Curious about how to find opportunities with a job seeker app or website? We’ve got you covered! Let’s dive into some important steps to land your first job.

Optimize your resume or profile

Most companies at some point will want to see a resume or some sort of work profile. Show off! A resume or profile is the first impression you give employers, so make sure it’s a good one! When you are creating a resume, you can pull from different online examples and templates.

On your resume make sure to include all of your applicable work experience. Be sure to include things like volunteer work, service projects, academic accomplishments, and soft skills. (Soft skills are things like communication skills, leadership, team player, etc.) When you are starting out, you may think you don’t have much to draw from, but chances are you have more experience and skills to share than you think!

Take your time and consider what things you can share with future employers that will show them how you can contribute to their company. On many job-search apps, you can bypass creating a resume and create a profile directly through the app. In-app work profiles are great for entry-level job seekers since they walk you through the setup and prompt you with the information you should provide to stand out!

Put yourself out there

With a rockin resume or profile in place, the real work begins. Sifting through jobs and opportunities is exciting but can also be exhausting and intimidating. Don’t shy away from positions because you aren’t sure if you are qualified or not. Submit your resume and be confident that you can contribute in some kind of meaningful way.

Many job descriptions list experience requirements that are not actually make-or-break to get the job. You might have enough experience to be considered. If you don’t try, you will never know! Apply to as many relevant jobs as you can, and see what kind of results you can get. You might be surprised!

Network! Network! Network!

In addition to submitting online applications through the best job apps (like Jipe, if we do say so ourselves), a great way to expedite your job search is to do some networking! Networking is really just a fancy word for talking to people. 

When you are swiping through and see a job that interests you, apply, and then hop on the web and reach out to people who work at the company so that you can talk more about the organization and what working there is like. Networking is a quick way to learn a lot about a job and make friends at the company you want to work for. You might even be able to use someone’s name as a referral. Ask them if you can!

Nail the interview (and say thank you)

Once you have scored an interview, the nerves may set in. Don’t be worried! Anyone can ace an interview with good preparation. Learn about the role and the company ahead of time, so you have a better idea of what to expect in your interview.

Practice! Think of experiences you can share ahead of time, and then get a friend to do mock interviews with you. Going through some trial runs will make you feel more confident when the real thing happens!

Be confident and don’t forget to ask questions too! Sometimes the questions you ask the person giving your interview provide them more insight than your answer to their questions. Ask them questions about the job, what they like to see in an employee, and what would make you the best employee.

Lastly, mind your manners and send a thank you note to the employer after your interview. It doesn’t have to be fancy—even a thank you text will go a long way! Thank them for their time and reference things you talked about in your interview. This will show your dedication and attention to detail!

Don’t get overwhelmed

You’ve got this! There are hundreds of jobs online and tons of opportunities; the right one will eventually come along. Once you find a job, all of the hard work will have paid off! Don’t wait to get started! Download the best job search app Job Search, Jipe, for free and begin your job search today!

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