Coming Feb 2021

We know an open position is revenue lost. We designed Jipe™ to be the best solution for posting entry-level jobs and sourcing the right applicants to fill your jobs faster. We made Jipe mobile, easy, fast, and fun! Trust us, it’s a platform your hires want to use.

Where Jipe is mobile-only for the job seeker, businesses can access Jipe on the mobile app AND on a web portal. The Jipe Business Portal allows easy management of your account, a place to create new job listings, view applicants, send messages, and more!

Jipe is the new, best way to find your next hire!

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We know you wanted to start using Jipe like yesterday, but please be patient with us. It will be ready January 2021! We want you to be the first to know when the Jipe Business Portal is live and when the mobile Jipe app is available for download. Sign up to receive notifications!

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Why Jipe is for your business

We built Jipe with loads of features to help you find the right entry-level candidates.

Hello, mobile!

Find candidates where they are … on their phones.

On-demand sourcing.

Activate and deactivate a job listing with a few clicks.

Match availability.

Align only with candidates who can work the hours.

View candidate profiles.

Swipe through profiles to quickly assess job fit.

Improved experience.

Streamline your sourcing process for you and the candidate.

Everyone wants to swipe!

Swiping Jiping is fun!

Accepting applications … we have options!

We understand some businesses don’t have a digital solution today to accept applications. So, we built one for you right inside Jipe. For business who already have an existing online application tied directly to their ATS, no worries! You can continue to use that. When you create your account, you will be able to choose our solution or link to yours.

Option 1: The Jipe Solution

Our solution provides the best and most seamless experience for candidates. It’s easy!

  • A candidate’s profile become their application when they apply with a few simple clicks
  • With applicant approval, we share additional contact information
  • Add up to 5 custom application questions
  • Track candidates, favorites, and applicants in the Jipe Business Portal
  • Use our in-app messaging feature to communicate with applicants, ask questions,  and set up interviews.

Option 2: Your existing online solution

All your applicants may have to pass through your existing corporate application process. No problem! That’s easy too.

  • When setting up your business account, provide the link to your online application.
  • Track candidates and favorites in the Jipe Business Portal.
  • Use our in-app messaging feature to communicate with applicants, ask questions, and
    set up interviews.

PLEASE NOTE: Jipe is a sourcing tool to connect you with the right applicants. Jipe is not an HRIS and does not provide solutions for extending offers, onboarding, etc.

Easy, no hassle payments

We use simple per listing pricing plans, so you’ll always know what to expect. You can set up your account to purchase per listing, as needed, or if you’re hiring demands cover multiple locations and several roles, our discounted bulk pricing options may be just the right fit.

For more information about Jipe pricing, please fill out our form on the Contact Us page, and we’ll reach out to answer your questions.

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