Seasonal Jobs in Winter

Best Entry-Level Holiday Jobs to Earn Extra Cash

It’s the most wonderful time of the year, and also one of the busiest and most expensive times of the year. 

Many people find themselves wondering how they can land an entry-level seasonal job in winter to make some extra money to use towards gifts, activities, and charitable donations. 

Likewise, many companies are looking for extra hands to help during the winter season as a result of higher holiday demand. 

Here are some of the best seasonal jobs for winter.

Package Delivery

National Average Wage $16.29

During the holidays, online shopping tends to see a big growth spurt. According to NPD, 85% of consumers will include online shopping in their holiday plans this year—and those packages need to be delivered somehow! Companies like FedEx or Amazon are always looking for extra delivery drivers during the holiday season. 

Retail Associate 

National Average Wage $14.50

Most retail stores add positions during the holidays to handle large crowds of gift shoppers. This is a great job to have during the holiday season, not only to earn some extra money, but also because some retailers offer employee discounts on merchandise which could save you money on your own holiday shopping. 

Customer Service Representative

National Average Wage $14.50

Companies receive an influx of customer inquiries during this busy season. This means more people are needed to answer customer questions, process returns, find item replacements and more. A seasonal job in customer service is a sure way to find extra work during the winter. 

Gift Wrapper

National Average Wage $15.93

Many department stores and boutique style shops offer gift wrapping for customers when they purchase items as gifts. Because this position is not typically available throughout the year, those types of stores are almost guaranteed to be looking to hire new talent during the winter season. This is a great opportunity to make extra money while also sharpening your wrapping skills to make beautiful gifts for rest of your life.

Personal Shopper / Errand Runner

National Average Wage $14.78

Between holiday parties, putting in extra hours at work, charitable service, and other seasonal activities, parents have little time to spend shopping for groceries and gifts. There are a variety of job opportunities with companies offering on-demand services, such as Instacart grocery delivery, DoorDash meal delivery, Walmart personal shopping, and errand running with an app like Errand. These types of jobs can be great because the hours are flexible to your schedule and you can earn even more through tips!

How to find seasonal jobs in winter

Finding a seasonal job in winter doesn’t have to be scary. Start your search by downloading the Jipe app and swiping through open positions. The best part is, you don’t have to have a resume to apply! Find an entry-level job that works with your schedule and start making a little extra money for the holidays with help from Jipe. Download here.

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