6 Quality Features of Job Search Apps

What makes a great job search app?

Trying to find a job is difficult. Make it easier by using high-quality job search apps. When you are ready to get into the employment game, use a job-finding app that has features to make the process easy for you! Here are some essential features to look for when choosing a job search app:

1. Customizable Profiles
For many job seekers, resumes can be stressful and difficult to create. Some job apps have features that allow you to build your work profile within the app and even walk you through it step-by-step. This takes the pressure off having a perfect resume. Simple-to-build profiles can be great for entry-level candidates who aren’t sure what to include or list as their experience. While you may have to provide a resume later, a simple profile can get you started!

2. Relevant Jobs
A key aspect of great job search apps is to give you relevant job suggestions. If you can’t find jobs that match your expectations, then the job app isn’t doing ITS job! Don’t waste time trying to look through irrelevant job suggestions. A good job searching service will show you job options that you are excited about and that are relevant to your experience, location, and the industries you are interested in.

3. Instant Apply
An instant apply feature in job searching services makes things much quicker for you! When applying for jobs, this feature can save you tons of time since you won’t have to worry about re-entering or uploading your information for each application. The less time you have to spend applying, the more jobs you can apply for!

4. In-App Communication
An in-app messaging feature can streamline communication and make the job application experience so much easier! With this feature, you can stay in touch with potential employers throughout the whole application and interview process without the fear of exchanging personal contact information or getting ghosted. Questions, concerns, and scheduling can all be discussed in one place.

5. Savable Jobs
When sifting through jobs, it’s easy to lose track of the jobs you are interested in and want to apply for. Using a job save feature, you can revisit jobs you were interested in to apply for them or just keep them in the queue. This is great if you are searching for jobs on a time crunch or want more time to explore the position or company before you submit your application.

6. Free Services
You shouldn’t have to pay to see what opportunities exist in the job market. A free job search service can provide you with info and insight about what jobs are available for you to apply to. Using a free app or website you can apply to multiple jobs and not worry about the cost.

When it comes to searching for your job don’t settle for subpar service! Using an app with all of the helpful features listed above will ensure you have an easier experience job-hunting.

At Jipe we’re all about making it simple! When you’re ready to get started, check out the Jipe Mobile App or download it today on the Google Play or iOS app store!



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