About us

We’re transforming the future of entry-level job searching through the magic of Jipe®! Job seekers and employers deserve a more reliable platform to connect and fill open positions fast. Jipe accomplishes this using a matchmaking feature that’s not only effective, but fun, freeing job seekers and employers from the stress of old-school and outdated hiring processes.

Success at Jipe® means making this difference in peoples’ lives.

It’s all about connections

Because we provide users with an interface they actually want to use, Jipe is fundamentally changing the way job seekers find entry-level jobs as well as the process businesses use to source their talent. Each side answers a few questions about what they are looking for, then Jipe does the rest by matchmaking the right candidate with the right employer. When it’s easier for applicants and hiring managers to connect, everyone benefits!

As a relatively new offering, Jipe is primarily servicing Northern Utah. We cannot wait to expand into new markets soon and share our amazing app with as many as we can!

…an exciting future indeed!


Keeping it personal

Jipe’s founder, Brenda Anderson, is one of the less than five percent of female CEOs throughout Utah. She lives her life unafraid to dream big and execute on ideas that change the way we think — streamlining outdated practices with more modern solutions. As a strong, ambitious, single mom of two teenage boys, she saw a need for an app that made searching for an entry-level job easy and familiar, especially for the coming Gen Z workforce.

Over the course of a year, after surviving brain surgery, Brenda worked toward her goal of building Jipe with every spare hour she had. Today she is proudly showcasing Jipe to both job seekers and businesses. The reviews are in: Jipe is needed and relevant, bringing a long-overdue change to the hiring industry.

With its innovative interface, Jipe is able to connect employers with a fresh candidate pool and job seekers with great career opportunities. Brenda is bringing entry-level jobs to the fingertips of young job searchers in an easy and effective way