What Gen Z Expects in a Job Search App—This is Jipe’s Response

Where do Gen Z look for jobs? First, we must understand that Gen Z are tech natives—they don’t know a life without a screen in their hands. 

This generation is changing the way the rest of the world communicates, and it’s up to us to understand their needs when attracting them for open job positions. 

Who are they? How do they operate? How can we understand them so that we can deliver the processes and tools they need, in ways that they expect to work with technology?


When it comes to communicating with Gen Z, they expect mobile, visual, fast, and easy.

Let’s be honest. Indeed and ZipRecruiter are not the hottest ways to find a job when you’re 19. Driving around the block asking face-to-face for open positions is simply not in the wheelhouse for this group either. A job listing on your website? They probably don’t even know to look at your website. 

So when teens and young adults want to find their first or second job, where do they turn?

Nobody really knew the answer, until now. 


Gen Z look for jobs on Jipe!

Jipe is giving them a new and easy way to look and apply for a job. Jipe is a mobile app that connects Gen Z job seekers to employers in an interactive and user-friendly way. Mimicking the interface of a dating app, Jipe allows users to swipe through job listings until a match is found. Then, the user can easily submit an application for the opening right in the app! 

This user face appeals to Gen Z because it is fast and easy to use, and always accessible right from their back pocket. 

Your business can get in on the action and post all entry-level listings on the app. Your job listing will include your logo, a brief job description, an about us section, and easy apply options — so that candidates can apply quickly and easily! With this low barrier to entry option, you’ll have applicants swiping right all night long.

Times are changing, and you need to keep up. Understanding the Gen Z applicants is critical to the future of your business. Help your applicants connect with you by making it easier for them! 

Create your first job listing on the Jipe app for free by clicking here.  

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